Sunday, January 23, 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 helps you create professional quality documents

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 helps you create professional quality documents, spreadsheets and presentations, it may use extensively and very reliable. And the Outlook ®, Word, Excel ® and PowerPoint ® for Mac 2011 and other applications that are familiar to use, to help you play endless creativity. In addition, the Office for Mac and Office for Windows are combined with each other. So you can cooperate with other person with no restrictions in Mac or PC. Save the file in a safe and reliable online SkyDrive ® folder and use the free Office Web App to access, edit, or share files with the person from any corner of the world. Here are some features of Office for Mac Home and Business 2011. I hope you can get some useful information after this introduction.
(1) Outlook for Mac 2011
With powerful features, Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 can help you manage e-mail and calendars easily, contact with others without a break, and it is never out of date. And you can make the e-mail dialogue to single dialogue to make your inbox looks cleaner. You can also manage your calendar and address book without start the Outlook. What’s more, you can enter to your Outlook’s files easier when set up a new Mac computer with Office for Mac Home and Business 2011. In addition, you can use Quick Look to view attachments, use the Time Machine and Spotlight search archive e-mail.
(2) Word for Mac 2011
The powerful writing tools help you create outstanding documents, then store, edit, and share your work easily on the web. And you can create visually rich newsletters, brochures, and documents in Publishing Layout view as well. At the same time, with this version, you may
see styles applied in your document with Visual Styles Instantly. What’s more, you may
Work in Full Screen view to maximize space for reading and writing documents and Share coauthor Word documents with virtually anyone, whether they're using Office on a Mac or PC.
(3) Excel for Mac 2011 
First of all, with this version, you may clarify your financial picture with easy-to-analyze spreadsheets you can post online to view, edit, share, or co-author with your team from virtually anywhere. Second, you can clarify your data using Conditional Formatting with icons, data bars, and color scales. Third, you may increase efficiency and save time by automating repetitive tasks using Visual Basic. The last but not list, you can share and coauthor Excel spreadsheets with virtually anyone, whether they're using Office on a Mac or PC.
(4) PowerPoint for Mac 2011
With Office for Mac Home and Business 2011, you can create powerful, professional presentations that engage and inspire your audience, and present online as effectively as in person and Remove backgrounds or add color filters to your photos right within PowerPoint. Also, you can broadcast your presentations online when move beyond the conference room. At the same time, you can use this version to rearrange layers of text, photos, and graphics quickly with Dynamic Reordering. What’s more, you can share and co-author PowerPoint presentations with virtually anyone, whether they’re using Office on a Mac or PC.
After this brief introduction, you may find this version is really amazing to use, especially for the families and business people. And this is the latest version, so it’s worth to have a try.

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