Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick Screenshot is a new added function of Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010
The latest six version of office 2010 which lunched by Microsoft are Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional plus, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, Microsoft office 2010 Free Primary, Microsoft Office 2010 Standard, Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business. Among which, the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional plus is the version with full function. However, others have their unique functions too. For example, the Home and Student version of Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote; Home and Business adds Outlook. Professional, which we review here, gives you Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher.
Compared with Office 2007, the function of Office 2010 has more advantages. The advantages are as follows:
(1)The Ribbon Function
In Office 2010, Microsoft has done some improvement in Ribbon, no matter the user or the administrator can definite the Ribbon as they like. The user can adjust every elements of Ribbon, the function and the tool can also been reorganized. What’s more, user can build or definite new labels.
(2)Combined with Windows 7
Office 2010 can be combined better with Windows 7, included Jumplist, Taskbar Thumbnails, hotkey control window and other special function of Windows 7 are have been achieved now. Otherwise, the classical Multiple Document Thumbnails of Excel 2007 has been solved perfectly. It means you can open many documents at one time and the Taskbar Thumbnails can appear.
(3)Protection “Sandbox”
There is a very significant change in office 2010. It is provide a support of “Protected Views”. This feature is simply a bit like a “Sandbox” which often used to kill the software, in order to prevent the influences caused by the malicious code in the document. And all documents download from the Internet give tacit consent to turn on the “Protected View”. In this mode, Office 2010 will open a “virtual space” for the document specially, regardless of whether there is a threat; it wouldn’t affect the system’s security.
(4)Quick Screenshot
Quick Screenshot is a new added function of Office 2010, it run through every components of Office. The biggest highlight of this feature is to conserve all opened windows screenshot. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different users, Office 2010 also provide a “screen clip” to definite the screenshots.
(5)Automatically save unsaved files
In fact, this function is very practical. Simply said, when we exit the Office and select "Do not save the document" (the most likely false hits), the system can automatically save the document under a recent save (using the automatic backup version). Although the temporary document may not be comprehensive, but in some cases, it can greatly reduce the user’s losses. And when we really need to retrieve the document, simply enter the "File” menu → "recent " tab, click the "restore unsaved documents” link, you can save the file through open the dialog box. At this time, Office 2010 will remind the user to save in the striking position; the whole process is very strict!
(6)Richer SmartArt
SmartArt is an added tool to make a flow chart. However, in Office 2010, the resources of SmartArt are expanded greatly. The "Picture"tab is the biggest bright point of new SmartArt. It can create a “eye-catching” effect of “picture + words” more easily.
(7)The newest version of pasre
In Office 2010, the is a new design of copy and paste. When we press the right to prepare paste, the paste item will be found into four buttons. And from the left to right is "to maintain the original format","merge with the target format, ""Match Destination Formatting"and "only copies " . When the mouse hover on it, in addition to the preview to the final results, other menu items will be automatically hidden.
As a set of large applications, Office 2010 feels like a Vista upgrade to Windows 7. With a small article, it’s difficult to unfolding all changes in the new version. In fact, there are many changes in details, such as the latest version of Microsoft Pinyin 2010 (Beta), the new Word text effects, useful file version features, one-click image editing tools are the representative of Creativity. And you can have a try if you are interested in Office 2010, I believe you will get a surprise when you try it.

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