Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Duplex print the Word document in Word2003

Duplex print the Word document in Word2003

Ordinary office have not typically use two-sided printing component to duplex the Word document. So, in order to achieve the two-sided printing of Word2003 documents, we need to set the duplex printing software. Word2003 is currently the most widely used office software. And the methods to achieve duplex print the document in Word2003 are as follows:

In Word2003 window, click "File" → "Print" to open the "Print" dialog box. Select the "Manual Duplex" checkbox, and click "OK" button to print.

Word2003 will first send the odd pages of the document to the printer. And after we complete the single page it will automatically open the print dialog box to remind users to replace the front and back of the paper. And it will continue to print the content of even pages document.

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