Saturday, April 9, 2011

Use the veins as the background in Word 2003

Use the veins as the background in Word 2003

In word 2003 document window, the use not only can use the pure color as the background color of the document, but also can set the veins background for word2003. And the steps to operate that are as follows:

1. First of all, open Word2003 document window, move the cursor of the inset point to anywhere of the document. And then click the “format”----“background”----“padding effects” command in the menu bar.
2. In the opened “padding effects” dialogue box, Word2003 offers a variety of texture effects, such as "newsprint”,” white marble”,” granite” and so on. In the "texture" list, select a texture and click "OK" button.

Tip: Users can also click the "Other Arts" button in the "texture" tab, open the "Select Texture" dialog box, select the appropriate texture image and click "Insert" button, the texture image can be selected into the "texture" list.

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