Sunday, April 17, 2011

Using the spelling and grammar in Word2003

Using the spelling and grammar in Word2003

A useful feature is the "spelling and grammar" function about the Word 2003 document, using this feature you can quickly check out the Word document in the presence of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. English words such as spelling errors, misuse of punctuation can be accurately captured. For questions area, it will be marked out where the wavy lines of color and draw the user’s attention to these questions.

We can position the cursor in the any location in Word document and then click "Tools" → "Spelling and Grammar" menu command in the Word menu bar, and open the "Spelling and Grammar" dialog box. Word will start checking the current cursor position and the report will find the first question. Recognizing the need to modify the user, you can directly modify the error message box, and click the "Change" button. If you do not need to change then click the "Ignore Once" or "Ignore All" button to continue checking.

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