Sunday, April 17, 2011

Use the “Find and Replace” feature in Word2003

Use the “Find and Replace” feature in Word2003

After we complete the text entry and formatting work in Word2003, the Word document will not immediately hand over. Because it’s inevitably there are some flaws at the process when we input text or writing articles. And even a large number of typos. Find and modify the verbatim are absolutely unrealistic. And Word provides a "Find and Replace" function at this time can help us.

For example, the entire document needs to be replace all the "other" to "other", the window in the Word menu bar, click the "Edit" → "Replace" menu command, open the "Find and Replace" dialog box. In "Find what" edit box enter the "other" and then in the "Replace" edit box, enter "other", then click "Replace All" button to complete all of the replacement. After the end of the replacement, the system will automatically pop up a dialog box which reports a replacement results.

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