Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alice Young at the end. But Mary refused

Desperate Housewives Mary

Mary Alice - Yang is the perfect housewife in other's eyes, but shot herself at the outset. She was able to examine herself and her friends in real life after her death.
Years ago, she was a volunteer in a rescue shelter and she has a happy life. However, she and Paul has no children because she suffers from infertility and do not meet the adoption requirements. One day, a drug addicts has sold his children who was only borne for few month to Mary in exchange for drug money. Subsequently, Mary has changed her name and moved to Wisteria Lane to live. However. the child's biological mother has found Mary Alice Young at the end. But Mary refused to hand over the child, and killed Shake Rui's biological mother. Ten years later, their neighbor Martha Huber discovered the long-hidden secrets and blackmail Mary Alice Young.But desperate Mary chose to commit suicide in order to hide the secret.

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