Friday, March 18, 2011

More energy saving:pre-installed Windows7 on computer

More energy saving:pre-installed Windows7 on computer

For notebook users, pre-installed Windows 7 on your computer is an important consideration to energy-saving items. Because Windows 7 has done a great improvement in power management field. Which can extend the battery life of laptop. So many OEM laptop manufacturers are more willing to choose Windows7.

In Windows 7's default power management strategy, the computer will "stop"unnecessary CPU core in idle state. And it will achieve the "sleep" feature in the SATA hard disk, USB interface and controller. And it will place your wireless card in the "sleep"state automatically when you haven't connect with the network. The hard disk will automatically enter sleep mode when in idle situation, and turn off the screen display.

In addition, improvements made in the Media Player (such as pre-cache the video loaded to reduce the activity of DVD drive ), to reduce the power when CPU handling DRM and copy protection. Under the same conditions, the Windows 7 have a a longer battery life than Vista. It probably can last 1 hour. Microsoft officials said, the reason why Windows 7 can save energy is based on the system improvement.

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