Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Windows7 are really very beautiful

Some general settings to increase the system speed and performance of Win7(2)
1. Faster window conversion
Indeed, the effect of brilliant Windows7 are really very beautiful, but the beautiful effect should exchanged by the speed. So if you want to change the windows in Windows7 more quickly, then close the window to the largest and smallest of the animation, you will find the window switch are more faster.
Methods : First, type "System Properties Performance" in the start menu of Windows7. And then find the "Visual Effects" tab, remove the the check point of "Animate windows when minimizing and maximising", and then press ''OK'' to complete.
2.Delete the extra fonts
Windows systems, especially "True Type" fonts which by default may occupy part of the system resources. You only need to retain your own fonts for the everyday.
Operating method: Open the Control Panel to find the font folder (the path address is Control Panel \ AllControl Panel Items \ Fonts), then you can move and back up the fonts you not often use in an temporary folder. You can easy to retrieve when you want to use that.
3. Hidden services item of Windows7
Some services operating system of Windows7 will take up too much memory, and if you do not use these services it may waste your system resources. But I do not want you to disable these services, after all, sometimes you may need to use that. The best way is to fully understand each service settings and then make adjustments. The primary users of the computer may have some difficulty, it is recommended to give up the optimization, but the master can have a  try.
Methods: Open Windows 7 control panel, click 'Administrative Tools' and select 'Services'. Right-click on each service to setting.

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