Monday, March 21, 2011

Look through the improvement of Windows 7 by Chinese

Look through the improvement of Windows 7 by Chinese

Suddenly, Microsoft's Windows7 listing has been almost 2 years. No doubt, it brought us a lot of new features and new feeling, and made our daily work and life more colorful and efficient.

Although the Windows7 was improved and evolved from the Vista, you may find it's very familiar at the first glance. But after a period of personal use, anyone may satisfied with the improvements of the details. In addition to the "super task bar", "window of a Kind," "wallpaper changer" and other features, what other new features of Win7 that impressived us?

Theme regional characteristics

I remembered the scene when first start the Win7. I was attracted by the cool and elegance blue login screen. In order to see the improvements of the desktop and the first thing is to get to the theme settings panel. The simplified personalization window of Win7 has displayed all the topics in the system as thumbnails in front of us, very fashionable.

If we enter "C: \ Windows \ Globalization \ MCT \ MCT-CN \ China" folder, you can see the photos by file attributes which described in more detail, including the location, photographer name, etc.. It appears that in addition to a number of IT engineers and technical staff's efforts, Win7 also embodies the painstaking efforts of many artists.

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