Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kerry's husband treat her more than a decoration

Beautiful Housewives Gabrielle Solis

Young and hot Gabrielle Solis was used to be a model and she lived a comfortable life after she find a Millionaire. And she no need to worry about anything after she married with her husband. However,  behind the scenery, but it is infinite loneliness.

Kerry's husband treat her more than a decoration, only know how to satisfy her material life,  and make her heart was empty. Rely on her own young and beautiful, Kerry often self-proclaimed "love expert" in the circle of friends. Even though she is married, she still enjoys being pursuit. In order to add a little fun in her boring life as a full-time wife, she has developed a relationship with a high school students who took a part-time job as a gardener guy. However, it attracted a series of trouble.

Comments: There are more and more "Gabrielle Solis" around us: they are young and pretty, unable to cooking and laundry, but like coquetry. They want to find a "Strength" by their virtue of their age advantage. Maybe they do not know after 30 years of age, is the same as Gabrielle Solis who feel lonely and helpless.

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