Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outlook server can automatically save

Outlook 2010: Optimization of IMAP functions

The Office blog of Microsoft has introduced the improvement of the IMAP account in Office Outlook 2010. And the IMAP is a agreement which used by a variety of mail services. So it including Gmail and AOL, and if your your email service supports IMAP, you can access the mailbox via Outlook. Let's look together the improvements of IMAP in the Outlook 2010.
1.Automatic configuration
If your Email account supports IMAP, so Outlook 2010 can be configured automatically, you only need to set address and password of your E-mail in Outlook 2010. Outlook server can automatically save the sent messages and delete messages, you can view  these folders on other computers or devices.
2.Delete Function
In the past versions of Outlook, the IMAP deleted message will be flagged underlined, you want to completely remove from the server still need to clear the operation.In Outlook 2010, the deleted messages will moved to the deleted items folder, and is the same with other services.
3.Complete information
Different from the previous that we can only download the information title, the Outlook 2010 can downloads all the information in the default.
4.Better performance
Outlook 2010 through a variety of ways to improve the performance of IMAP. For example, when you click on the message header, Outlook 2010 will still respond to other operations at the time it  download the complete information.

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