Saturday, March 12, 2011

Henry VII has conspired with Walter Bishop

The mid-16th century, it happened a big event which was the assassination of the British ambassador to France. And the deceased was the uncle of young English King Henry VIII ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers played). This makes the king very angry, and immediately called the secretary of state, prepared to send soldiers to fight with French. However, Cardinal Walter King (Sam Neill • accessories) weigh the interests of all parties, not in favor of that view. Therefore, he tried he best to persuaded the two kings to resolve the matter through consultations.

Since only the queen of Henry VIII Catherine gave birth to a daughter, which she gradually fell out of favor. And Henry cared much about it and made pleasure within the palace.

However, the woman which he loved was named An • Boleyn (Duomo Er decoration) and was a waitress officier, who glamorous, full enchanting, made him almost crazy. In order to got married with her, Henry VII has conspired with Walter Bishop to divorce with the queen. However, this movement immediately involve diplomatic, religious and other multi-interests. During that time, the heat death of the spread of disease caused widespread alarm, a court has followed shock.

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