Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Users can use Microsoft Word 2007 to type documents

Microsoft office standard 2007
Microsoft office standard 2007 provides essentials office software to homes and small business so that users can get tasks done more quickly and easily. It is the office software suite that empowers you to create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and to manage your e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts. And with improved menus and tools, enhanced graphics and formatting capabilities, new time and communication management tools, and more reliability and security, Office Standard 2007 makes it easier and more enjoyable for you to get things done at home or at work. Microsoft Office Standard 2007 includes several features and it’s includes: Office Excel 2007, Office Outlook 2007, Office PowerPoint 2007, and Office Word 2007. So, I will list it as follows:
(1) Excel 2007
Excel is used to enter data into spreadsheets. Worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2007 are similar to older versions, though the 2007 version contains the new ribbon display. You can quickly click on the command options rather than search for them in a drop-down menu. Microsoft made this change to make the applications easier to use. Commands are grouped together in different areas on the ribbon. Basic commands, such as aligning and formatting cells, appear after you open the program. New commands will appear as you need them. For example, the chart tools will not appear to start with, but once you create a chart the "Chart Tools" menu will appear in your ribbon.
(2) Outlook 2007
Outlook allows users to manage email, appointments, calendars and contact information. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 features an enhanced search tool that enables users to quickly find any information located in Outlook. The search tool finds any entries related to your search topic and highlights them. Tasks, appointments and important emails are all grouped together in a "To-Do" bar. Email messages are separated into  coded categories to help users quickly identify emails regarding specific topics. You can also subscribe to and read web content through Outlook 2007 by using the Really Simple Syndication or RSS. Office 2007 also has a junk email filter to reduce spam and an anti-phishing tool that alerts users to potentially damaging emails
(3) PowerPoint 2007
Users can create professional presentations with PowerPoint. Menu options are also shown in an easy to use ribbon display in PowerPoint 2007. The menus change depending on the presentation you are creating. The most used commands are automatically displayed first. These include copying and pasting, adding slides, changing the slide format and formatting options. PowerPoint 2007 offers users more advanced text effects and graphics galleries for more formatting options.
(4) Word 2007
Users can use Microsoft Word 2007 to type documents. The menu and toolbars in Word 2007 are reorganized into logical command tabs. You can now access a number of commands from a ribbon display across the top of your screen rather than a . Word 2007 also connects the Help menu in Microsoft Office with Help information on . You can find more tips and online tutorials in the expanded Help menu. The commands displayed on the menu change automatically depending on what type of task you are trying to complete.
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