Thursday, March 31, 2011

Word document feature is particularly

Set transparent color of images in the Word2007 document

In Word2007 document, for the picture which background has only one color, you can change the solid background of the picture to transparent. So that you can better integrated the image into the Word document.This feature is particularly suitable to set the background color for the Word document. The steps to set the set transparent color image in Word2007 document are as follows:

Step 1. Select the transparent color to set the picture, in the "format" group in "Picture Tools" functional area, click the "re-color" button in the "adjustment" group. And then select the "Set Transparent Color" command in the opened color mode list.

Step 2. The mouse arrow is like the brush's shape, move the mouse arrow to the picture and then click on the solid color background which need to set as the transparent color. The solid color background were set to be transparent, so that the background of the picture is consistent with the background of the  Word2007 document.

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