Monday, March 28, 2011

Windows7 how to enhance security

Windows7 how to enhance security from hardware?

System security is a timeless topic, WIndows be applied by large-scale, so the security issues has become more prominent. Microsoft has been working to improve the system security, such as built-in firewall on XP, add the Security Center, Vista system has introduced the UAC feature, and has built-in anti-malware tools. So , what's the improvement on the safety system of Windows7?
First of all, the firewall has been improved in Windows 7, so it can protect the external network as well as internal network. At the same time, UAC functional has become more humane and the built-in software security is also improved, such as IE8, to support the protection of CPU level.
And Windows 7 has made a major adjustment to the AutoPlay feature of USB flash drives and external hard drives. And it made a complete ban on the U disk AutoPlay to prevent the "disease from the mouth". Meanwhile, Windows 7 has made the human modification strategies which based on the Vista's security architecture, and it very easy for us to understand.

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