Thursday, March 10, 2011

If you want to view the alphabet

The use tips of Office software

We can use office to do many things, however, not everyone known the tips of how to use Office software. So, in order to help you gain more information about the office, I will give you some suggestions.
(1) Save all open Word documents at the same time
Sometimes we may edit multiple Word documents at the same time, it’s time consuming and laborious if we save each file one by one. So, is there any simple way to do that? The answer is “yes”, you can Press the Shift key while clicking "File" menu, we can see there has more than a "while preserving” and "simultaneously off” command, which may be more convenient.
(2) Add a watermark to the WPS document
first of all, you can use mapping software to produce a very light color, then open the document you need to add a watermark in the WPS, and then implement the "Format → Page Background → Set "command, open the” Set Background "dialog box, and switch to the” Picture "tab, click " Select Picture "button, select the just created image, and make the appropriate settings, by this way ,you can set the watermark in that document.
(3) Insert Pinyin in Excel
We usually encounter very eccentric characters when we use Excel, but we may understand it when we add phonetic annotation on it. The method is: select the table you want to join phonetic annotation, open the "Format” menu of Excel’s menu bar, select "Pinyin Information / Settings " item, and then elect the phonetic alignment in the dialog in the "Settings " and "Fonts “options, that can be entered in a cell of the alphabet. If you want to view the alphabet, through "show and hide” option which shows the phonetic annotation.
(4) Storage the image in word document
Sometimes you may receive an illustrated Word document, and you trying to save all pictures to your computer, you can do the following way: open the document, select "File" menu "Save as Web Page " under File" menu to specify a new file name, and then press the " Save "button, you will find there is more than a file in the preservation of the directory. Then open the folder, you will be amazed to find all images are preserved in this directory.

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