Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 introduces

Microsoft Office Professional 2007
Microsoft Office Professional 2007 is a productivity suite introduced by Microsoft. Microsoft Office contains a number of software programs including Word, a word processor; Outlook, a personal information manager; Excel, a spreadsheet application; and PowerPoint, a presentation program, Access; InfoPath; Communicator; Publisher. Through its numerous applications, Microsoft Office Professional offers several benefits.
(1) Find and use the features you need with ease
Microsoft Office Professional 2007 redesigned the layout of the office suite, making it easier to find and use the software features. It has added track-based menus and toolbars to display the features as you are using them.
(2) Manage time and tasks more efficiently
Microsoft Outlook has added a new tool, To-Do bar, that consolidates your tasks, e-mails and appointments in one view. This makes creating and moving appointments from your e-mail to your calendar a simple one-step process.
(3) Manage all your customer and prospect information in one place
A new feature with Microsoft Office Professional 2007 is the Business Contact Manager. Business Contact Manager allows you to keep track of all of your contacts. You can track, view and access contact information, e-mail messages, phone calls, appointments, notes, documents and faxed and scanned items.
(4) Manage sales leads and opportunities better
Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager helps you to contact clients and potential customers. You can boost your reporting capabilities by filtering and searching through documents on forecast sales and closed sales.
(5) Manage all your marketing efforts more efficiently
With Microsoft Office Professional 2007, creating marketing materials is easy. Business Contact Manager walks you step-by-step through the process of creating customized mailing lists, personalizing your publishing materials or tracking and assessing the responses you receive from campaigns. You also have the option of creating your materials in HTML, which makes it easier to upload your documents online.
(6) Create professional looking documents and presentations in less time
Microsoft Office Professional 2007 introduces two new tools to help you work faster and more efficiently. QuickFormats allows you to begin a document with a template so that all you have to do is plug in your desired information. Live Preview allows you to view and edit your documents on-the-fly so little to no editing is needed after you are finished. Office also introduces new formats and style capabilities for you to choose from.
With Microsoft Office Professional 2007, users can make your business and life easier. So it’s high time for you to buy this version now. I am sure you will not regret buying it.

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