Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am afraid there is not very simple

Two and A Half Man (season 1)

As the saying goes, "Brother mind, with effort to Gold ". But if you want to cut off a group of chaotic chores, I am afraid there is not very simple. Two men, a child, which live has began for this two and a half men, and it seems the Charlie's good time has end of in the future. Charlie as an advertising music composers have countless girlfriend, with incalculable confusion and property situation. And Alan who have to take care of his little son, face the confused life of his brother and the intrepid butler Radha. While also embracing their common enemy, the arrogant narcissistic mother Evelyn who fond of create troubles for the two brothers.
After the laughter, the brothers have some miserable place. However, in order to give this a naughty little man Jack a better temporary home, they are determined to put aside all kinds of hardships and hold on. However, behind the warmth and laughter, the determination can really be completely changed? Does Charlie can find his true love who fear of close relationships? And does the timid Alan can start a new paragraph feelings? How do they face a series of questions of little Jack and theier powerful mother?
If you want to known these questions more clearly, you can watch this CD at home. And you will find this drama really very amazing and attractive.

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